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Video Door Control – It’s More than a Video Doorbell

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Video Door Control – It’s More than a Video Doorbell.

If you have a business, you need to think about all of your security options. The great news is– there are many options available today to meet every security need. So what’s the bad part? Trying to figure out what technologies can best suit your purposes! Today we will help by providing some great information about the often misunderstood technology, video door control.

What Is Video Door Control?

Video Door control systems are small audio/visual devices with a keypad that help you control access to any area. This provides a way for you to keep visitors on one side of the door and still see and hear them. Video door control stations provide excellent video and intercom communication and can be used on any door throughout a facility.

What are Some of the Advantages of Using Video Door Control?

Of course, increasing security is the best advantage these systems provide. A visitor can request entry into a facility without you or your staff actually having to open the door to them, avoiding potentially dangerous confrontations. When used throughout the facility, you can create areas where visitors can access, such as a lobby, and areas they can’t such as workspaces. With incidents of things like theft and workplace violence on the rise, limiting and strictly controlling access to every area is a major advantage.  Another advantage is being able to control multiple areas at once, requiring fewer personnel to man doors and providing wider oversight.

Video Door Systems Add to Perceived Value

In addition to adding to the actual safety of all of the individuals at the facility, video door systems add to the perceived value of the services you provide. An upscale look and feel help elevate every aspect of a business.

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