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3rd Eye Surveillance believes that nothing should stand between you and your security goals.

Currently, 35% of all equipment is leased. Make your money work for you. Call now to secure your place of business with an easy leasing option! 972.4.3RD.EYE (972-437-3393).

Lower the cost of ownership and increase ROI? Yes!

3rd Eye Surveillance leasing options is a great choice for those that want to protect their business without significant out of pocket expense. Leasing provides a way to meet their video surveillance system needs while better able to manage cash flow.

What are some of the advantages of leasing?

  • Manage finances
  • Never tie up money
  • Leverage the benefits of surveillance to offset the cost
  • Ability to opt into additional components affordably, rather than having to choose
  • Fewer budget restraints
  • Low down payment
  • Great for large or multi-site facilities
  • Hedge against technological obsolescence
  • Easy financing

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