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Why Multi-Family Rehab Properties need Video Surveillance and Live Monitoring

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Why Multi-Family Rehab Properties need Video Surveillance and Live Monitoring

When an owner and or property manager decides to overhaul a property, it is no small commitment. It may involve exterior changes like new landscaping and painting or complete overhauls requiring things like flooring, plumbing supplies, new appliances, and heating and air conditioning systems.

Though every rehab project is unique, there are some important risks each have in common. Rehab projects are complex and expensive. One the biggest challenges is that building owners must store a huge amount of revolving and expensive materials, appliances, and supplies used in the process right on site. Sites are often unattended on nights and weekends which make them subject to vandalism and theft. Every incident of theft or vandalism raises the overall cost of the project.

Having effective security coverage throughout the site is critical in ensuring the safety of personnel and the security of materials as well as keeping the cost of the project down.

Top Reasons to Consider Video Surveillance and Live Monitoring for Rehab Properties:

Having a professionally installed camera system just makes sense. Here are just a few of the many reasons.

  • Theft Prevention— Rehabs sites have a lot of high value and easily sold materials on the premises and often those items are unattended at night and on weekends, making them a prime target for thieves. It is impossible to be everywhere at once and self-monitor those material sites while performing other duties.
  • Vandalism Prevention— Another problem is vandalism. One act of vandalism can stall your project and raise your costs. Video surveillance keeps intruders out and prevents costly damage.
  • Improve Safety—Having security cameras covering your supplies as well as in the project area can help ensure workers maintain safe practices.
  • Reduce Frivolous Lawsuits—Know exactly what happens on your site and have video proof of events.
  • Increase Efficiency— Monitor job site activity to eliminate bottlenecked projects.
  • Ensure Swift Emergency Response—Live monitoring ensures that should any events occur, the right help is on the way as swiftly as possible.

Before you start a new rehab project, video surveillance is the first thing Project Managers should consider. Covering the property with the appropriate security camera technology should be the first project on the list so that all of the other tasks run more smoothly. Let 3rd Eye Surveillance help with your surveillance needs.

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