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Pecan Ranch Learning Center believes there are few things as important to us as our children. As a result, they take their safety and security very seriously. They knew with security cameras and a surveillance NVR recorder, the day care owners would be able to monitor the children and know if anything is amiss. They were concerned about abduction, which is a fear for any parent, but also children wandering off, or getting injured. With someone actively monitoring the cameras they would be able see a child in danger and be able to respond quickly. They were also wanting to have the system serve as a tool to help administrators understand any problems at the center, and be able to see what really happened.


3rd Eye Surveillance used our expertise and former experience with outfitting DayCare Centers with security systems to develop and design a Digital Video System that would take into consideration all of the nuances of Pecan Ranch’s facility. We installed High Definition IP cameras to cover the front desk since this is where a lot of parent interaction transpires.

We also covered the classrooms as well as the playground areas. High Definition Video of any injuries, accidents or any incidences of interest are now cataloged safely to the NVR’s hard drive for future use is need be.


The owners and staff now are assured that their facility is secured with a state-of-the-art Surveillance System that grow with them far into the future.

Customer Benefits:

  • When a situation arises, the ALL High-Definition system we installed provides personnel the ability to view video to aid understanding of what really happened.
  • Each authorized person has the ability to access camera views live or from archived footage using web access. For example, if a child recently got hurt in a particular area, and his/her parents had questions about how the event happened, everything is captured clearly on video, which helps put the parents’ concerns to rest.
  • In addition to the system installed on-site, the cameras are also accessible by authorized personnel on smart phones and tablets….ANY web-based device.

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