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Chimney Hill Apartments offers a superior lifestyle their residents love to call home. Nestled in a quaint community setting, they love the convenience the location has to offer. Chimney Hill is conveniently located near I-635 and 75 in Dallas, TX.

Management at Chimney Hill decided to increase security by installing HD IP cameras throughout certain areas of the property to protect their residents, deter vandalism of the fitness center, prevent theft and cover the gates to identify vehicles damaging them, costing them thousands of dollars each year to repair.


Under the guidance of 3rd Eye Surveillance, Chimney Hill management had us add both wired and wireless High Definition IP cameras. The cameras offer high performance, even in total darkness. All cabling is hidden from view to minimize the visual impact of the installation. The camera system is set up so it gets a recognizable shot of anyone who enters the fitness center, of vehicles entering and exiting the front of the property, or driving thru the gate, as well a walkway/pedestrian gate. The vehicle gate coverage also includes License Plate Capture Cameras to identify the vehicles.


Since the new cameras were installed, Chimney Hill has a clearer view of any suspicious activity that occurs in the areas we covered. The very day of the installation, we viewed (at the exit gate) a vehicle dumping their trash out of the car and onto the ground. The manager of the property was thrilled to find the vehicle and its License Plate capture in
order to issue a Violation of Lease to the tenant.

Customer Benefits

  • Increases staff and resident safety
  • System is viewable from mobile devices, which can be utilized by both staff and security/courtesy officers employed there
  • Provides detailed view of covered areas & any incidences
  • Allows security staff to monitor who enters and exits property
  • Owner/Manager can present a high-quality image to authorities as needed
  • Save weeks of video history to safeguard evidence
  • System provides a recording device based on digital motion
    detection, recording only when motion is present

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