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Beefmaster's Steakhouse Restaurant


The Beefmaster Steakhouse in beautiful downtown Ballinger, Texas, has been providing the best in Angus steaks for over 26 years. It is well worth the drive to experience exceptional flavor and sizzle of a great Angus steak. All of their meat is cut daily and they use only certified Angus choice beef.

Beefmaster’s had previously utilized a camera system, so this was not a new installation. However the system was outdated and minimally effective at best.

The owners had the usual concerns that a restaurant experiences – vandalism and burglary, employee theft & productivity, as well as dine-and-dash patrons.


As experienced video security integrators, we’ve partner with restaurants of all sizes and understand the threats they face on a daily basis. From employee theft to dine-and-dash incidents, our surveillance solutions hone in on all activity in your restaurant and bars so you can see what’s going on at all times — even while away from your restaurant on a mobile device.

Our well-trained team of professionals provided consulting, integration, configuration, and installation of a 11-camera ALL High-Definition IP camera system to Beefmaster’s.

We covered, per their specifications and our recommendations, the cash register, front and back entrances, as well as the buffet and all dining areas.


The owners are very pleased with the crisp, clarity of the new Hi-Def cameras, and happy to say goodbye to older, analog not-so-good-resolution cameras they had been working with.

Customer Benefits:

  • Helps deter dine-and-dashers from patronizing the restaurant
  • Excellent operational tool to monitor patron flow and wait service
  • Curtails possibility of theft & vandalism
  • Remote surveillance allows for smartphone & tablet viewing when away
  • Effective way to reduce liability, prevent employee theft and monitor operations

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