3rd Eye - Kudos!
Gene Guzman, Vice President
G&C Direct Marketing, LLC
S.A. Samples
Distribution Operations Manager
Lennox Industries, Houston District
Alan Young
Distribution Operations Manager -  Dallas
Lennox Industries, Inc
Andrea Faries
Property Manager
Arbrook Park Apartment Homes
Charles Hearn
Villages at Spring Lake HOA
"I was previously in the service industry
where high expectations for exceptional
customer service and rapid response
were the standard.  In my business
relations with Offie Wiseman, he has
exhibited the professionalism and service
I have grown accustomed to expect."
Kristen Deo
Property Manager
Bellagio at Beach Street
(former) The Barrington at Beach Street
Kelly Palmer
Director of Operations
Stonebriar Academy
Jessie Sadberry
BMI Hobbies
Scott H. Voigt
President (former 1st VP)
North Texas Crime Prevention Association
"The leadership and staff of the
3rd Eye team are professional and
sincerely helpful."
It's All in the Company You
Take a Look at What Our Clients
are Saying About Us...
3rd Eye Surveillance Systems' technologies are protected by one or
more of the following patents: US 6,778,085 B2; US 6,798,344 B2; and US
7,323,980 B2
"3rd Eye won't try to sell you a gold
plated system, they determine what
your needs are and assist you in finding
a system that meets your needs for the
least amount of cost to you."
"This company is setting the standards
in surveillance."
"The cameras were installed where they
were needed and offered the best
coverage.  The system has great quality
and features, and of course the crew that
was installing did an excellent job at
keeping the workplace clean and neat and
without interfering with our usual tasks."
Steven Mickelson
Mullin ISD
"3rd Eye Surveillance did a superb job,
and I would highly recommend them
for any security/surveillance job..."
"I contacted Mr. Wiseman and he was
there immediately to assist me with
getting a DVD to turn into the detectives."
"In this industry where it is hard to find
honest, fair, and affordable vendors
who do quality work, 3rd Eye
Surveillance Systems is a rare find."
"With the help of a witness and the act
being caught on camera, the Officer
was able to locate the offender and the
parents were offering restitution within
one hour of the incident."
"Our parents love being able to see their 'little
ones' while working.  Those parents who travel
out of town for their job and some of the
grandparents who live out of state really love
that they get to still see their child or grandchild."
"WOW is what I need to say and you
can "quote" me.  EXCELLENT product
and EXCELLENT service. Fast responses
to any service question or issue I have
had.  Again, WOW and thanks so
much. "
John E. DeLeon
Business Administrator
First Baptist Church of Allen
Texas License #B15441
(972) 4.3RD.EYE
Protecting People, Property & Profits