3rd Eye - Surveillance Strategies
3rd Eye Surveillance develops, markets, and supports
complete hardware, network and software systems for
small to medium size corporations and businesses,  
apartment communities and condos, office buildings,
school campuses, and any other requirement you may

3rd Eye Surveillance’ expertise in the installation and
servicing of digital surveillance systems provides precise
and professional analysis of all security needs. We work
with each customer to design an affordable High-
Resolution Digital Recording and Surveillance Camera
System appropriate for your property.

We hand pick every camera for each installation to insure
the BEST quality-to-price ratio and long-term, trouble-free
operation of the system.
Allows you, the owner/manager, to view your property from ANY
Internet-based PC, Mac or portable device!

Owner/manager can present a high-quality image to authorities as

Gain peace of mind knowing everything is cataloged safely to disk.

Save weeks of video history to safeguard your property.

System provides a recording service based on digital motion
detection, recording only when motion is present.

No more wasting time scrolling through hours of tape, or having to
manage tape changes.

Publish select cameras directly to the internet, allowing you to see
your property remotely.

Also available...hidden cameras that are undetectable, as well as audio
High Quality - Identifiable
Digital Video Surveillance
3rd Eye Surveillance Systems' technologies are protected by one or
more of the following patents: US 6,778,085 B2; US 6,798,344 B2; and US
7,323,980 B2
Texas License #B15441
(972) 4.3RD.EYE
Protecting People, Property & Profits