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Security Plus®
100,000 Volt Best Stun Gun Available

Security Plus® Electronic Stun Devices set the industry standard for
quality.  While other brands use less expensive materials, we pride
ourselves on the highest quality possible.  Our Stun Devices are priced
very competitively, and when compared to other brands, you'll notice a
distinct advantage in performance and reliability.  This trait is unique to
Security Plus® Stun Devices.  When you buy a Security Plus® Stun
Device, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!  

This small, compact Security Plus® stun device delivers
100,000 volts of
stupefying energy.  More than enough to knock an assailant off balance
and senseless.  The handle is contoured to fit perfectly in your hand so
you can keep control at all times.  It can be retrieved quickly from your
purse or pocket.  Comes in curved or straight models.  It's the ultimate in
convenience.  It is non-lethal and causes no lasting, harmful effects.

•        Holster optional
•        Safety switch
•        Wrist strap
•        Safe
•        Effective
•        Non lethal
•        5" x 2 3/8" x 1"
•        Uses one 9 volt battery (sold separately)
•        Lifetime warranty!
•        Available in both curved and straight