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Mini Stun
Baton SB500M
500,000 Volt Mini Stun Baton

Security Plus® Electronic Stun Devices set the industry standard for
quality.  While other brands use cheaper materials, we pride ourselves on
the highest quality possible.  Our Stun Devices are priced very
competitively, and when compared to other brands, you'll notice a
distinct advantage in performance and reliability.  This trait is unique to
Security Plus® Stun Devices.  When you buy a Security Plus® Stun
Device, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!  This small, hand-held
Security Plus® baton delivers
500,000 volts into the nervous system of
an assailant.  It renders them incapable of carrying out an attack.  One
jolt and they quickly become dazed and disoriented.  In addition, they
lose muscular control for several minutes.  It's a powerful defense
weapon yet is non lethal and causes no permanent damage.  It's the
perfect combination of power and lightweight convenience.

Holster Included in price.

•        Comfort grip
•        Lightweight
•        Wrist strap
•        Lifetime Warranty
•        9" x1 5/8"
•        Easy to carry
•        Uses two 9 volt batteries (sold separately)