jack - and a pendant which is worn by the user.

The system can operate anywhere in and around the home - with the base station
plugged into a phone jack in the central part of the home.

The Pendant runs up to a year on a AAA alkaline battery (included). The pendant is
splash resistant so it can even be taken into the shower. The Test Button on the
bottom of the unit gives an audible confirmation of battery condition. Hold the Test
Button in an extra few seconds - and you can confirm that the full system is
                                                                  $199 + Tax
Guardian Alert
No Monitoring Fees, Service
Charges or Contracts ever.

Talk Directly through your
pendant to a 911
emergency operator at the
push of a button.
The optional Battery Backup (item #30912)
will allow the Guardian Alert 911 product to
operate during a power outage until the
power comes back on, or up to 24 hours,
whichever comes first.
                   $59 + Tax
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