3rd Eye - Installation
Alan Young
Distribution Operation Mgr
Lennox Industries, Inc.—Dallas
“Offie and his installer walked me
through the installation layout.  They
were very informative and equipment
they installed, as well as its operation.

Offie even installed an extra camera at
no charge, because he felt the facility
needed it.

The installation was first rate. Very
clean.  No visible wires, extra drill holes,
or excess dirt laying around.  Just
cameras, mounted to my specs, and a
nice monitor to view the recordings.”
S.A. Samples
Distribution Operations Manager
Lennox Industries, Inc. - Houston
Take advantage of our comprehensive,
over-the-shoulder training of your
system on the date of install.   
A well designed and properly installed surveillance system
can not only protect your business but also increase
productivity and reduce costs.  

3rd Eye Surveillance, we offer professional installation
services for any of our CCTV security camera systems, as
well professional grade CCTV systems for small and large
businesses, that we can customize to your exact

Guarantee/Service: All installation services have a
one-year guarantee from defects in material and
workmanship. So rest assured, your new system will
perform as expected, or we will repair/replace your system
as needed.  

Licensing:  3rd Eye Surveillance is licensed by the Texas
State Private Security Board #B15441...be aware of firms
that don't have this designation.

Liabiltiy/Insurance: Our company carries a $1M-3M  
general liability insurance through an A+ certified company.   
"The cameras were installed where they were
needed and offered the best coverage.  
The system has great quality and features,
and of course the crew that was installing did
an excellent job at keeping the workplace
clean and neat and without interfering with
our usual tasks."
We Do Whatever it Takes...
3rd Eye Surveillance Systems' technologies are protected by one or
more of the following patents: US 6,778,085 B2; US 6,798,344 B2; and US
7,323,980 B2
Texas License #B15441
(972) 4.3RD.EYE
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