Outdoor Camera Video Security
Each Outdooor Master System includes
all the components needed to get started:

Intelligent Outdoor Camera

  • High-resolution color video

  • Digital motion detection

  • Easier than wireless—just plug it in

Powerful Software

  • Motion-based recording
  • Powerful search and playback tools
  • E-mail and cell phone alerts
The Logitech WiLife Outdoor
Master System includes all the
components for a
full-featured, single camera
system with weatherproof,
outdoor camera.

Each Master System includes
an Outdoor Camera, powerful
Command Center Software,
and Remote Viewing

Built using Universal Plug and
Play (UPnP), Logitech WiLife
automatically connects your
cameras and PC.
Easy 3-Step Setup

We designed the Outdoor Camera as part of
the Logitech WiLife Security System to allow
our customers to set up an entire security
system in less than 30 minutes. Within minutes
you will be recording and monitoring with your
Outdoor Camera.

1: Install the Command Center Software

2: Connect the USB Receiver

3: Position the Outdoor Camera

You can mix and match up to 6 Logitech WiLife
cameras with each system
Free Remote Viewing

Monitor your home or business from anywhere, anytime
Internet browser accessible
Windows Mobile® cell phone accessible

Unlike any other outdoor camera, the Outdoor Camera
has a powerful 400 MHz onboard processor, which powers
the superior image quality, motion detection, and intelligent
image management.

The Outdoor Camera is available in a Master System if you
don’t have Logitech WiLife cameras already, or in an Add-
On Camera package. Make this camera part of a 6-camera
security system.
Outdoor Camera Specifications

Camera Features

The Logitech WiLife Outdoor Camera is weatherproof and ensures year-round use - even under harsh

Processing Power                                  
Onboard Image Encoding                      
Onboard Image Processing                   
Frame Rate                                           
Bit Rate                                                 
Color Depth                                          


Viewing Angle                                      
Firmware Updates                                 

Operating Environment

Operating temp. range                          
Storage temp. range                            
Humidity (storage and operating)           
Property Size                                         

Physical Metrics

Power Consumption                                
Camera Body Dimensions                         
Camera Weight
Windows® Media Video 9
Motion detection up to 16 zones, Auto brightness
Selectable: 640-by480 or 320-by-240 pixels
Selectable: 15, 10, or 5 frames/second
2 lux minimum per IEC 61146-1
10 bits
80° (diagonal)
Selectable: Manual or Automatic
+0°F to +110°F (-18°C to +44°C)
-4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
5% to 95% (relative; non-condensing)
110/120 Volts AC [Americas], 220 Volts AC [Europe], 50/60 Hz
Up to 10,000 square feet
15 Watts
Height: 2.0 inches (5 cm); Width 4.72 inches (12 cm);
Depth: 8 inches (20 cm)
15.2 oz (450 g)
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