Strike Master II
Open your front door and look at the dead bolt plate. There
is one inch of soft wood protecting the safety of your home -
your door casings can not protect you from a thief kicking
your door.

StrikeMaster II offers a unique and innovative solution to
prevent burglars from entering your home, StrikeMaster II
strikes-back instantly. Its patented strike plates make the
door casing virtually unbreakable. This is the easiest to install
door jamb reinforcement product on the market today
installed on over 15,000 homes.

not require additional locking devices. Its installation adds
nearly 5 feet of customized steel strength to your existing
door frame.  StrikeMaster II is 1/8" thick and fits any 1 3/4"
door-frame without the need to alter/mortise-the door casing
or frame design

We GUARANTEE your door-frame will not break! “Not one
StrikeMaster II has failed yet”.

If a homeowner experiences “door frame failure” after the
installation of StrikeMaster, Safe Homes International will pay
the homeowner's insurance deductible up to $250 to replace
or fix the door. StrikeMaster II offers a cost effective product
to individual consumers seeking to have SAFER HOMES.
StrikeMaster II anti-burglary door-frame-strike-plates have
been sold to thousands of homeowners all across the
                                                             $99 + Tax
The easiest way for a criminal
to get into your house is just
to kick-in your door!

The FBI says every 12 seconds
a home is invaded by going
right through the front or back
door. This is called door frame

FBI statistics show 70% of all
break-ins are from door-frame

2:00 in the afternoon is the
biggest break-in time
Customer's door kicked in --> Repaired with StrikeMaster II
This door was kicked in by a criminal.  The home-owner
repaired this door in about 25 minutes. The criminals will
not get in through this door again!  We guarantee it!
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