with Built-in Color Pinhole Surveillance
Camera Hidden in a Motion Sensor
the video is recorded onto the included SD card.

The best part is, this device looks like an ordinary
motion sensor, allowing you to monitor any
location discreetly.

Simply mount it on the wall at your home or
business and the PI1000 will capture high quality
digital video. When you want to view your
footage, just remove the SD card and watch it on
your computer.

The included 1GB SD card will store up to 11 days
of footage. See specs for more details.

The PI1000 is able to run completely wire free by
using 4 AA batteries for up to 17 hours of live
viewing or 12 hours of continuous recording
(lithium batteries recommended).

This device is compatible with High Capacity SD
cards up to 32GB (SD 1.1/2.0)


  • All-in-one security recording system is
    portable enough for virtually any

  • Set to record only when movement is
    detected and customize the motion detect

  • MPEG-4 Compression allows for hours of
    recording without sacrificing quality.

  • All footage is recorded on to the included
    1GB SD card.

  • Instantly watch what you've recorded by
    hooking up a TV, or take the SD card with
    you and watch it on any computer.

  • Runs up to 17hrs on Lithium Batteries or
    use the included AC adapter.

  • Quickly find your recorded footage by
    searching for the date and time it was

  • Set the times of the day that you want to
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