Indoor/Outdoor Light
Hidden Camera
Indoor or Outdoor  “Light Bulb” security camera installs instantly.  

No wiring required.  

Intruders will never detect this high-resolution black-and-white camera that
looks like an ordinary light bulb.  It installs in minutes.  Even better, there are no
wires to run, no holes to drill, and no complicated tuning or antennas.

This super easy to install security camera sends live, full-motion video through
the electrical wiring in your home!  Simply screw in the bulb, plug in the decoder
at any wall outlet, and connect a standard RCA cable to your TV or VCR for
instant viewing or recording.  

It’s the smart and easy way to upgrade video security at your residence,
vacation home or office.  The camera features an 85-degree wide-angle view
and advanced “zero lux” infrared technology for night viewing—even in total

Works with any TV, VCR, or home theater unit using video “line” or “aux”
inputs, including PIP (picture in picture) systems.

Outdoor model is weatherproof.  Indoor model is a smaller size for ceiling
fixtures, pole lamps, track lighting, etc.  

Complete package includes camera bulb, decoder and video cable.

Camera/bulb does not provide a source of light
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