Boom Box
Hidden Camera
The Boom Box is just what it says...a Camera built into a Boom Box.  The
cassette tape deck is disabled, with a high quality CCD camera built inside.
The camera is virtually hidden.  

We integrate a 2.4 GHz 4 channel transmitters to create a wireless system
for ease of placement and include a matching 4 channel receiver.  Why 4
channels?  This allows the user versatility in a wireless application.  

Each Boom Box has a choice of black and white or
color camera.  If
wireless is not the solution you are looking for, we also stock wired
versions of the same high quality item.

•        Camera Specifications:
•        92 degree field of view
•        3.6mm Lens
•        1/3 DSP Color CCD image Sensor ¼ DSP B/W
•        380 lines of resolutions color 420 lines B/W
•        0.5 LUX Color .05 B/W
•        DC 12V power
•        NTSC
•        Audio is not available
•        Transmitter / Receiver Specifications:
•        4-channel operations
•        Auto switching capable (receiver)
•        Up to 300 feet line of sight

•        Hidden Video camera systems
•        Power supply
•        RCA Cable
•        Instructions

•        11″ x 17″ x 7 1/4″