3rd Eye's Guard Patrol Tour System is the state-of-the-art, Guard
Tour Software System that generates clear, concise reports to track
and evaluate your security personnel.

Our Guard Patrol Tour System combines the latest in
with the extremely durable
TouchProbe Data Collector and our proprietary Windows-based
software. This effective combination offers easy, point and click
menus that produce timely and valuable reports, including:

• Exception Reports
• Incident Reports
• Personnel Reports
• Scheduled Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Reports

For more information or a location walk-thru please
contact us at
972.4.3RD.EYE (972.437.3393)
Guard Patrol Tour System
Operates on Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, NT, and WINDOWS 7

• Installs in minutes
• User friendly software requires no previous computer experience
• Is backed by our superior service record
• Includes unlimited toll free technical support for the life of the         
system at NO COST!
• Also includes one year of free software upgrades
• Uses only the most durable collection materials
• Is priced up to 50% lower than comparable competitive products
• Generates valuable and effective information to better run your security operation!
The TouchProbe is a completely new way to collect
and manage your data.

Its metal case provides maximum durability under
extreme conditions. When environmental factors
prevent the use of barcode labels, or when you need
a dependable, accurate, tamper-proof data collecting
system, TouchProbe is the obvious choice!

• Construction: Cast metal case w/key ring
• Dimensions: 4.5"L x 1.5"W x 0.8"H
• Weight: 5.8 ounces
• Operating Temperature: -40 to 130 degrees F
• Visual and Audio Indicators
• Memory 218K RAM / 5000 Reads
• 9V Lithium or Alkaline Battery (includes 3V
rechargable Lithium backup battery)
• Battery Life: Lithium -2 yr., Alkaline -1 yr.
• Real Time Clock

The touch memory chips are stainless steel canisters
which have a unique ID number encoded inside. They are
guaranteed for ten (10) years and can withstand the
most extreme elements, while maintaining their integrity.

• Construction: Stainless steel canister
• Dimensions: 17 mm D x 6 mm H
• Operating Temperature : -40 to 130 degrees F
• Each chip is unique with its own 26 character ID#

With TouchProbe's user friendly software, you can easily
stay on top of everything your security personnel see
during their patrol tours. With our "what you see is what
you get" point and click, menu driven software, even a
computer novice can master these powerful functions
quickly and effortlessly.

The software provides:
• 500 Tours
• 500 Checkpoints per Tour
• 500 Incident Checkpoints
• Easy to read Reports, including Guard & Safety
Tour and Exception Reports
• Password Protection
• Multi-level user passwords (limited access for
lower level users)
• Personnel File, Incident & Evaluation Reports

We even include a dedicated PC-based Computer for use
with the TouchProbe!
Put an End to This!
Where do we install them?
Guard Patrol System
Protecting People, Property & Profits
3rd Eye Surveillance Systems' technologies are protected by one or
more of the following patents: US 6,778,085 B2; US 6,798,344 B2; and US
7,323,980 B2
Texas License #B15441
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