Increasing the Profitability of
Your Company has Never Been Easier
• Monitor Routes and Stops
Forget driver logs and know where your vehicles have
been and for how long they were in each location
• Decrease Excessive Speed
Reduce liability for accidents, save on fuel and receive
alerts when drivers exceed speed threshholds
• Reduce Fuel and Maintenance Costs
Employees are less likely to mis-use company vehicles and
equipment, saving you on unnecessary fuel and
maintenance for the additional wear and tear
• Prevent After Hour Use of Company Equipment and Vehicles
Most companies have no way to know if vehicles or
equipment are used on weekends or off-hours -- receive
immediate alerts if the vehicle is used during certain hours
• Reduce Operating Costs
Incur less overtime and increase efficiency by making
sure drivers and vehicles are where they should be
• Detect Side Jobs & Monitor Driver Activities
Track routes and durations of stops -- you’ll know if a
vehicle isn’t where it is supposed to be
• Improves Response Time & Customer Service
Know the location of each vehicle, making it easy to see
who is closest to a particular location and can be         
• Receive Lower Insurance Rates
Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums
for vehicles and equipment that utilize the Gemtek® GPS
Microtracker technology
Gemtek® GPS
Web-Based Monitoring & Locates

• Locate on request or set schedules for automatic tracking
• Set geofences and receive alerts when the tracker enters or
exits certain areas
• Set a speed limit and receive alerts when speed is exceeded
• Set the motion sensor and know if your vehicle or asset moves
• View details on the map or run reports showing stops and times
with address location details
Mobile Phone Locates & Alerts

No computer? No problem! Use any cell
phone to locate your trackers and receive
alerts to your computer and cell phone

• tracker enters or exits certain areas
• speed limits are exceeded
• your vehicle or asset moves
Portable, Permanent & Resilient

• Can be easily hard-wired into a vehicle or asset (with optional
hardwire accessory kit) or used as a portable device
• Optional key-fob lets you use SOS and Motion Sensors quickly and
without a computer or Internet access
• Optional magnet accessory allows portability and versatility
• Automatically powers down to minimizes battery draw when
• Water-resistant, durable exterior

Dimension Length: 83mm Frequencies (GPS) 1575.42 MHz
Dimension Width: 48mm Storage Temperature: -10°C to +65°C
Dimension Height: 35mm Waterproof Type: IEC IP-57
Weight: 120 g +/- 5 g Working Voltage: DC 3.5V-4.2V
Frequency: MT-100-55 900/1800/1900 MHz Battery Capacity: 2400mA/hr
MT-100-56 850/1800/1900 MHz Standby Time (no power down): 60 hr
Sensitivity (GPS): Tracking -157 dbm Standby with power down: Up to 30 days
Acquisition -142 dbm Power Consumption: Standby <55mA
Sending/Receiving <250mA