Gemtek® Personal Locator Device
The Latest in Portable GPS Technology is Here
Protecting Loved Ones
Wherever They Go

It’s a caregiver’s worst nightmare, and,
increasingly, a major worry to aging seniors
and parents raising children. Gemini
Technologies knows that protecting the ones
you love most is your number one
priority. That’s why Gemini Technologies
introduced the Gemtek®, the personal
trackng device that eliminates worry when
they’re out of site.
the lifestyle for many of today’s active seniors.
Through advanced engineering and design, the
Gemtek® personal location device is
revolutionizing the personal tracking industry, allowing
consumers worldwide to know the precise location of
placing a phone call.

End-users can remotely track the position of the
Gemtek® personal location device, which can easily be
attached to or carried by a loved one, and find its
location in real-time.

The Gemtek® personal location device utilizes existing
GPS (global positioning satellite)
technology, SMS (standard messaging system), GSM
(global system for mobile communications), and the
Internet to give the end-user a complete solution.
  • An alert and location details are
    sent to three designated
  • A two-way speakerphone voice
    call is automatically initiated with
a central station (optional)
  • Use the Geofence function to
    set boundaries and receive
    alerts when the device travels
    into or outside designated areas.
Dimension Length: 90mm (antenna included)
Frequencies (GPS) 1575.42 MHz
Dimension Width: 45mm
Storage Temperature: -10°C to +65°C
Dimension Height: 20mm
Waterproof Type: IEC IP-57
Weight: 170 g +/- 5 g
Working Voltage: DC 3.5V-4.2V
Frequency: PT-100-55 900/1800/1900 MHz
Battery Capacity: 2400mA/hr
PT-100-56 850/1800/1900 MHz
Standby Time: 16 hr
Sensitivity (GPS): Tracking -157 dbm
Power Consumption: Standby <45mA
Sending/Receiving <250mA
Peace of Mind in the Palm of Your Hand
Locate Online or With Any Cell Phone

View satellite imagery online with amazing clarity.  No computer? No problem. Use any cell
phone to locate your device and receive location details on your cell phone in seconds.

Use the Auto-Track feature to view a bread-crumb trail of locations for the day.

• LED indicator for GSM and GPS coverage, as well as low battery indicator
• Tri-band modem for worldwide coverage, with highly sensitive GPS module
• GPS modem operated continuously with 16-channel GPS receiver
• Fully rechargable battery with a short charging time
• Available with various accessories: various belt and arm clips or bands, travel charger,
desktop battery charger and spare battery
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Insured & Licensed #B15441