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3100 GPS Tracking Unit
The Ultimate in GPS Tracking!

Very affordable and easy to use GPS Tracking unit.

The only complete self contained vehicle tracking device that runs on just 4
AA batteries.

"It's like having your own Private Investigator for a fraction of the cost."

Product Specifications:

3rd Eye Surveillance 3100 GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit is a great way to
track a vehicle.  When you need to find out where the vehicle traveled, you
simply download the data.  And NO MONTHLY FEES!

3rd Eye Surveillance 3100 is a very affordable GPS vehicle tracking
system that will allow you to review detailed information about a vehicle’s
travel activities without actually being there. The unit will tell you where a
vehicle went, when it was there and how long it was parked.  It will also tell
you how fast the vehicle was traveling at any given point in time.  Just turn
the power button on, place it in the car, and let the driver go on their way.

Find Out Where They Went, Where They Stopped & How Fast They Drove!

•        Very affordable and no monthly fees!!!
•        Completely self contained unit, including the antenna (External
antenna model is available)
•        12 Channel receiver
•        Built-In Motion Detector
•        Batteries are good for 30 days with average driving
•        Records 300 hours of driving  
•        Unit pauses when car is not in motion
•        Data downloads to U.S. mapping software  (See Universal Tracking for
other countries)
•        Adjustable recording rate
•        Optional power input for permanent installations
•        Shows all the stops the driver makes (unit will generate a report)
•        Displays location, date, time, speed and direction
•        Custom reports show locations driven, mileage and all the stops.   
•        Software animates the driving car

Here are some Questions and Answers regarding the 3100 Series:

Does the unit come with everything I need, including software?
Yes.  The price includes the GPS tracking unit, Software with mapping for
the entire U.S. and the cable to connect the GPS unit to your PC.

Is the 3100-INT available as a waterproof unit with magnet mounts?
Yes.   Please add an additional $19.95 if you want the waterproof version of
the 3100-INT with magnets.

What is the difference between the
3rd Eye Surveillance 3100-INT and the
3rd Eye Surveillance 3100-EXT and where can I mount it?
3rd Eye Surveillance 3100-EXT model has the magnet mounts, an
external GPS antenna and waterproof.   If you have to place the unit
underneath the vehicle then you probably need the EXT version.  The 3100-
INT may be a little more convenient because everything is built in, including
the antenna.  For inside the car placement, this would be the unit you need.  
You can place the INT model in the glove box, under the front or rear dash,
and even under the seat.  Under the seat placement is not really
recommended but we have received numerous reports on how well the unit
works even hidden under the seat.

What is your return policy?
If you are unsure that this product will work for you, we strongly
recommend that you speak with a sales representative.  We do offer a short
return policy.  You have 1 business day to return the product if you are not
satisfied or you bought the wrong product.  We are sorry that we cannot
offer a longer period of time but too many individuals abused our return
policy by using this great tracking product to get the information that they
needed for free.  There are no exceptions to the 1 day return policy.

If the batteries go dead before I am able to retrieve the unit, will the
tracking data be lost?
Of course not.  The unit uses flash memory which does not need a battery

How many days can I expect the
3rd Eye Surveillance 3100 unit to last
without the batteries going dead?
We recommend using Energizer Lithium batteries since they last much
longer than regular batteries.  With average driving (2 hours a day), the
batteries should last over 2 weeks.

How often does the 3100 unit record data?
3rd Eye Surveillance 3100 unit records a data point every second.  If
you are using the AA batteries to power the unit, you can always leave it on
this default setting.  Decreasing the recording rate does not affect the
battery life.

Do I need to worry about filing up the memory of the 3100 unit?
No.  The unit stores 300 hours of driving.  Most likely you will download the
data and replace the batteries before it fills up.

Does this unit work anywhere in the U.S.?
Yes.  Everywhere in all 50 states.

Does this unit work outside the U.S.?
Yes.  With our Universal Tracking Key, the
3rd Eye Surveillance 3100 unit
can be used anywhere in the world.  You can use whatever mapping
software you want.

What kind of cable comes with it to download the tracking data?
The unit comes with a serial download cable.  If you only have a USB port,
contact us on where to get the USB to Serial converter cable.

Does the software run on a Macintosh computer?
No.  The software is written for a Windows PC.  It will run on Windows 98,
Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME and Windows XP.

Can the
3rd Eye Surveillance 3100 unit be permanently connected to the
vehicle’s power?
Yes.  We have power cables available.  Contact us if you need one or order
one with your unit.  The power cable price is $8.95.  We also have cigarette
lighter power cables available for $12.95.

What is the warranty on the 3100?
3rd Eye Surveillance 3100 unit comes with a full 1 year warranty.

Do I need to subscribe to a monthly service in order to get this to work?
No.  There are no monthly fees or activation fees.  This is not a real time
tracking system. The real time tracking systems are the ones that require
monthly fees and contracts.  Most people prefer the 3100 technology for
this very reason.  Remember, to find out what the driver has been doing,
you connect the GPS tracking unit to your computer and it will give a
complete history including speeds, locations stopped, and how long they
were stopped.

Can I use this system for stolen vehicle recovery?
No.  You need a real time tracking system to do that.  Real time tracking
systems are more expensive and require a monthly service fee.

Does this unit have a motion sensor in it?
Yes.  The unit turns on as soon as the vehicle starts moving.  When the
vehicle is stopped for more than 4 minutes, it will go into a sleep mode to
conserve battery life.