Forus 266 Hour
"No Battery Drain"
Tiny, featured packed digital recorder with unique
"no battery drain" mode when connected to a
single line telephone.

The recorder comes on when telephone receiver
is lifted and goes off when replaced.

Records 20 hours of actual conversation on a
single set of "AA" batteries.

Other unique features include "vibration" record
indication, recovery of erased file system, and
time/date stamping.  Includes full accessory pack
including cell phone recording adaptor and AC

Unique Features:

  • No Battery Drain (on single line phone only)
  • Recovery of Erased File System
  • Vibration Record Indicator for Discreet
  • Time/Date Stamping
  • Recording Sensitivity Settings

Standard Features:

  • VOR (Voice Activation)
  • Multiple Recording Modes including HQ
  • 16KHz Sampling Rate
  • Fast File Search Function
  • 2 Way Power (Batt or AC)
  • Cell Phone Recording
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • USB Digital Interface
  • Automatic Power Off
  • All in One Menu Button
  • Recorded Message Monitoring
  • 7 Playback Speeds
                                       $229 + Tax

  • Recorder
  • Stereo Earphone
  • USB Cable
  • Voice Manager CD
  • 2 "AA" Batteries
  • Audio Cable
  • Telephone Recording Adaptor
  • Cell Phone Recording Adaptor
  • External "Tie Clip" Microphone
  • Hand Strap
  • AC Adaptor
  • Users Manual
Digital Video Surveillance
Personal Protection Products
Insured & Licensed #B15441