• Allow daycare providers and parents to view the
    center from any Internet enabled PC!
  • Daycare can present a quality image to parents
    through this value-added service
  • Gain peace of mind knowing everything is
    cataloged safely to disk
  • Use the system as a new revenue stream or
    simply a value-added feature to parents
  • Save weeks of video history to safeguard your
  • System provides a recording service based on
    digital motion detection, recording only when
    motion is present
  • No more wasting time scrolling through hours of
    tape, or having to manage tape changes
  • Publish select cameras directly to the internet,
    allowing you to see your center remotely and
    allow parents to do the same
  • Use either the newest surveillance cameras from
    3rd Eye or use existing cameras
  • Also available…hidden cameras that are
    undetectable, as well as audio solutions
We Know What’s Important to You…

  • Help parents feel more comfortable
  • Decrease DayCare Liability
  • Improve Security for both DayCare and Children
  • Reduce Fraudulent Claims
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Offer Peace of Mind for All
"Our parents love being able to see their
'little ones' while working.  Those parents
who travel out of town, and some of the
grandparents who live out of state really
love that they get to still see their child or

Kelly Palmer
Director of Operations
Stonebriar Academy
Our digital video systems allow complete video
surveillance without having to swap tapes daily.  These
systems maintain a rolling video history of the operations
for security, while also allowing authorized users to view
the cameras with appropriate security passwords.

Don't let other Day Care Centers pass you by with the
technology that parents demand these days!
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