ATM Safety
Be aware of your surroundings, especially between dusk and
dawn. If you notice anything suspicious - a security light out,
someone loitering nearby - consider coming back later or using
an ATM inside a supermarket or convenience store.

If using the ATM at night, take someone with you.
Park in a well-lit area as close as possible to the ATM.
At a drive-through ATM, be sure the doors are locked and
the passenger windows are rolled up.
If you withdraw cash, put it away promptly; count it later,
in private.
Put your ATM card and receipt away promptly; never
leave your receipt at the ATM.
Keep your PIN secret - don't write it down, and don't
share it with anyone you don't trust absolutely.  Your PIN
provides access to your account.
Shield the keypad when entering your PIN to keep it from
being observed.
Avoid being too regular in your ATM use - don't
repeatedly visit the same machine at the same time, the
same day of the week
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