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Surveillance Systems
Protecting People, Property and Profits
Pepper Sprays
Crime Watch for
Property Managers
3rd Eye Surveillance Systems would like the
opportunity to work with your community in an
effort to continue educating tenants on ways to
best protect themselves, their families and their

We are affiliated with several of the Dallas Police
Departments' Crime Prevention Units in an effort
to facilitate an organized, professional and
informative presentation to your residents.

3rd Eye’s Mission is to enable property
managers to create safer and more caring
communities by addressing the causes of crime
and violence and reducing the opportunities for
crime to occur.  It’s a great way to gain peace of
mind for your residents.

Stun Guns
What We Offer:
A Comprehensive, Educational and Informative
presentation on Preventing Tenants from becoming
victims of burglary, vandalism, attacks, etc.
Residents learn how to make their apartments more
secure, watch out for each other and the
neighborhood, and report activities that raise their
suspicions to the police department and
Promotion of the meeting’s time and place, utilizing
door-hangers, is all handled by 3rd Eye and
distributed by our personnel…there’s nothing more
you need to do!  We handle everything!
Recommendations on products that are available,
low cost, to residents for their protection.
Hidden Cameras
In today's complicated and increasingly dangerous world
we are all looking for ways to feel and be safer.  We are
constantly being informed of murders, rapes, burglaries,
and now terrorism.

We at
3rd Eye Surveillance Systems DO NOT believe in
being a victim.  We are not put on this earth to be ruled
by others.  That is why we offer the best self defense
products at the best price.  You CAN do something about
it.  Even if it's just feeling more secure.  There are studies
that show that predators make judgements about their
victims from the victims posture, attitude and confidence.

Remember, your safety iS NOT an option.  Never be a
victim.  In your home or by yourself.  Order your self
defense tools today and start living more confidently