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EZ Lug and Jack
Special Offer!  Premium tire changing kit Package deal includes the
following automotive products:

MICRO SUPERJACK -- Change tires effortlessly using the Micro
Superjack with wireless remote. With one press of a button you
can lift 2 tons to change your tire. You plug it into your 12 volt
cigarette lighter and let the jack do all the work.  Handy remote
key-fob allows for the greatest ease of operation.  Clearance :
5.5" Jacking height : 13.5".

THE EZ LUG -- If you have ever struggled with removing lug nuts,
then the "EZ Lug" is your answer.  This is a quality lug nut
removal tool that uses a patented mechanism to easily remove lug
nuts.  It's universal size allows for use on any size wheel and with
a 32:1 gear reduction ratio, the EZ-Lug will loosen your lug nuts
effortlessly.  Includes 17mm, 19mm, and 22mm sockets with a 3"
extension snap on socket and leverage extension.  It comes with
a compact and durable molded case to store the tool.  All for a
package discounted price.

Suggested Retail $169.95