HOW TASERS WORK:  Compressed air launches two
penetrating probes up to 15 feet to deliver a powerful knockdown
punch.  Once attached to the target, the probes use sophisticated
electronic signals called T-wavesTM to jam the nervous system of
an assailant, causing rapid muscle contractions and stopping him
in his tracks.  No stray bullets, no deadly accidents--even mistakes
are not fatal. It's the intelligent choice for self defense!

LEGAL TO CARRY: The AIR TASER® can be carried on your
person or in your car without special permits in most states (check
local laws).  Formidable security at home, out of town or on the
road.  And if you lose it in a real assault situation, we'll replace it
absolutely Free.  The future of self protection is here right now!

Tasers can not be shipped to the following states:  New York,
Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Indiana,
Michigan, Hawaii, or to the city of Philadelphia.

Advanced Non-Lethal, Humane Self-Defense.

Effective and easy to use in any scenario.

Accepted safe by medical communities and used by over 2250
Law Enforcement Agencies.